The Edge

Anticipate changes in the media environment & fluidly adjust their messaging to compensate.

Public opinion is shaped by the media. With decades of combined experience in media and politics, New Analytics is acutely aware of this interaction. Using its Edge technology, New Analytics carefully monitors the topics and trends important to its clients, allowing them to anticipate changes in the media environment and fluidly adjust their messaging to compensate. The Edge was a regular feature on Fox News First Daily Politics blog.

We see polls all the time. Whether it’s the President’s job approval, consumer confidence, a specific piece of legislation, or who prefers Prego over Ragu, there’s a poll for that. Because of recent trends in telecommunications, collecting a random sample of the population is increasingly difficult. “Random samples”–the bedrock of polling philosophy–don’t seem so random when only 10% of the people contacted respond. And re-engineering data to look like a random sample using census data leaves you guessing about whether these corrections are giving you the whole picture. All this for a snapshot of what people look like that’s outdated the day it’s released.

Practically speaking, polling doesn’t answer the question that clients are really interested in: “Did my messaging do anything?” To answer that question, you can’t just take a poll here and another poll in 30 days. Instead, you need to have the same people come back and answer the same questions again. Drug trials use the same methodology for a reason. New Analytics draws on its experience with psychological methods to dive into these “before and after” surveys to know which groups respond to a message and which groups don’t.